June 28 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel

AR2018 Exhibitor Layout & Assignments

Thank you for exhibiting at AR2018! This year's exhibits are located in the following areas, each of which have their own unique advantage and stready traffic flow: Century Foyer, Ballroom, and California Foyer. 

  • The Century Foyer is central to registration, restrooms, and the hotel lobby.

  • The Ballroom is a central location and also the passageway to daytime workshop sessions.

  • The California Foyer is located in between daytime session rooms where traffic flow will be steady throughout the day.

Click on the exhibit area links above to view the maps with numbered tables.

Please Note: Maps are not exactly to scale and assignments are subject to change on site if necessary.

Map sm

 Exhibit Assignments


Organization Table Assignment Section
A Well-Fed World 418, 419, 420 California Foyer
abillionVeg 342 Ballroom
ACTAsia 327 Ballroom
Afro-Vegan Society 400 California Foyer
American Vegan Society 331 Ballroom
Animal Charity Evaluators 323 Ballroom
Animal Equality 117, 118, 119 Century Foyer
Animal Hero Kids 401 California Foyer
Animal Legal Defense Fund 169, 170 Century Foyer
Animal Place 120 ,121 Century Foyer
Animals Today Radio 344 Ballroom
Aussie Farms Incorporated 116 Century Foyer
Balanced 130 Century Foyer
Barn Sanctuary 133 Century Foyer
BEETxBEET LLC 155, 156 Century Foyer
Beyond Carnism 334 Ballroom
Beyond The Lies 122 Century Foyer
Bodhi Bowl 143 Century Foyer
Brewing Good Coffee Company 126 Century Foyer
Calico Dragon Bags 181 Century Foyer
Center For Animal Protection & Education 171 Century Foyer
Challenge 22+ 108 Century Foyer
Communicate31 Pty Ltd 104 Century Foyer
Compassion Over Killing 123, 124, 125 Century Foyer
CompassionWorks International 406, 407 California Foyer
Danny's Vegan 175, 176 Century Foyer
Direct Aid Nepal 304 Ballroom
Doshi FCSA 314 Ballroom
Eco Dogs and Cats 150 Century Foyer
EFFi Foods 320 Ballroom
Elephant Guardians of Los Angeles 128, 129 Century Foyer
Empty The Tanks 339 Ballroom
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition  162 Century Foyer
FARM 137
Century Foyer
Farm Sanctuary 315 Ballroom
Faunalytics 417 California Foyer
Fish Feel 328 Ballroom 
Food Empowerment Project 159 Century Foyer
Food For Life Global - Americas Inc.  173 Century Foyer
Full Circle Farm Sanctuary 347 Ballroom
Guerrilla WearFare 180 Century Foyer
Help Animals India 138 Century Foyer
Honey LaBronx 158 Century Foyer
Humane Investing, LLC 177 Century Foyer
In Defense of Animals 338, 421, 422 Ballroom &  
California Foyer
IndieVillage (Kangaroo the Movie) 103 Century Foyer
Indraloka Animal Sanctuary 410, 411 California Foyer
International Primate Protection League 109, 110 Century Foyer
Iowa Farm Sanctuary 153 Century Foyer
It's Vegan! apparel  309 Ballroom
James Aspey Voiceless365 340 Ballroom
Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch 149  Century Foyer
Jan Smitowicz 178 Century Foyer
Jane Unchained 409 California Foyer
Jewish Veg 341 Ballroom
Juliana's Animal Sanctuary  174 Century Foyer
Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary 109, 110 Century Foyer
Karner Blue Capital 412, 413  California Foyer
Kind Traveler 127 Century Foyer
Kindred Spirits Care Farm 308 Ballroom
Lantern Books 145, 146 Ballroom
Lean and Green Kids 345 Ballroom
Lindsay Leigh Art 316 Ballroom
Loveland Farm Sanctuary 336 Ballroom
Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary 402  California Foyer
Mercy For Animals 403, 404, 405 California Foyer
Miyoko's Kitchen 414, 415, 416 California Foyer
National Anti-Vivisection Society 307  Ballroom
Nelly's Organics 154 Century Foyer
New England Anti-Vivisection Society 335 Ballroom
North American Animal Liberation Press Office 349 Ballroom
Our Planet. Theirs Too.  306 Ballroom
Palestinian Animal League 329 Ballroom
Pasado's Safe Haven 303 Ballroom
Patnership to Ban Horse Carriages Worldwide 142 Century Foyer
PawPac 144 Century Foyer
People for Reason in Science and Medicine 332 Ballroom
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 164, 165, 166 Century Foyer
Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge 324, 325, 326 Ballroom
Quaker Animal Kinship 346 Ballroom
Rachel's Rescues 321 Ballroom
RBC Wealth Management 163 Century Foyer
Redefine Your Mind 172 Century Foyer
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 131 Century Foyer
SoCal Vegfest 348 Century Foyer
Social Compassion in Legislation 134 Century Foyer
SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary 140, 141 Century Foyer
Space Coast Animal Rights, Inc 152 Century Foyer
Stop Animal Exploitation NOW 300, 301, 302 Ballroom
Sympathy Not Slaughter 313 Century Foyer
The Animal Defense Partnership 161 Century Foyer
The Humane League 111, 112, 113 Century Foyer
The Last Pig 408 California Foyer
The Little Sweet Place 100 Century Foyer
The Microsanctuary Movement 179 Century Foyer
The Raven Corps 148 Century Foyer
The Save Movement 167, 168 Century Foyer
The Stolen Lives Project 135 Century Foyer
the underground faction 322 Ballroom
The Vital Action Project 147 Century Foyer
Todo Verde 105, 106  Century Foyer
Un Mundo Sano 317 Ballroom
United Poultry Concerns 136 Century Foyer
Unparalleled Suffering Photography 305 Ballroom
Upton's Naturals 140, 141 Century Foyer
v-dog 330 Ballroom
Vegan and Animal Professionals Insurance 107 Century Foyer
Vegan Black Metal Chef 157 Century Foyer
VEGAN CLUB, LLC 337 Ballroom
Vegan Knock Outz 310, 311, 312 Ballroom
Vegan Outreach 132 Century Foyer
Vegan Scene 101, 102 Century Foyer
VeganShirts.com 319 Ballroom
Veganuary 139 Century Foyer
VegEvents.com 333 Ballroom
VegFund 408 California Foyer
VegNews Magazine 114, 115 Century Foyer
Vincent and The Dissidents 151 Century Foyer
VINE Sanctuary 160 Century Foyer
Vital Action 178 Century Foyer
W.O.L.F. SANCTUARY  343 Ballroom
Yoga Animalia Project  318 Ballroom