August 3 - 6 ♦ Hilton Mark Center
just outside of Washington, DC


AR2017's four-day program will feature more than 150 presenters from 60 organizations representing virtually all sectors of our movement. These presenters will appear in six plenary sessions (bringing all attendees together), and more than 65 breakout sessions, configured along several concurrent tracks. In each time slot, you can choose the session that best fits your needs and interests:

  • The Issues track covers various types of animal abuses and the underlying issues (best for newcomers).
  • The Organizing track suggests improvements in personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • The Advocacy tracks addresses campaign strategies, tactics, outreach to various constituencies, lessons, and advice on activities from leading national and local organizations.
  • Rap Sessions engage participants in open discussions about controversial issues (Saturday).
  • Additional track provide related sessions on different themes each day. 

Additionally, here are some other program highlights you won't want to miss:

  • Morning & Evening Plenary Sessions, which bring together all attendees in one room for keynote speakers and critical topics. 
  • Awards Banquet & Auction, on Saturday evening, features award presentations and a fundraiser.
  • Networking Receptions, every evening, offer free snacks and a chance to network with fellow attendees.
  • Celebration of Animal Rights, on Sunday evening
  • Exhibits, open between 10:15am - 6pm, showcase movement merchandise, literature, and vegan treats.

For a PDF copy of last year's program booklet, click here.