June 28 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel

A Life Changing and Life Saving Event: AR2017

I had an incredible time! Compassionate people, well-planned event, and informative speakers! Loved it. Thank you!”
~ AR2017 Attendee


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Thousands of Animal Rights Activists Rally in Nation’s Capital

Nearly 2,000 animal rights activists and fans rallied for the Animal Rights 2017 National Conference in the nation's capital. They represented 90 organizations from 12 countries including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Mexico, and the United States.

The event was held August 3rd-6th at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center Hotel in Alexandria, just outside Washington, D.C.

We were honored to hear amazing and informative presentations featuring 170 speakers and moderators including James Aspey, Michael Budkie, Karen Davis, Bruce Friedrich, Lauren Gazzola, Alex Hershaft, David Coman-Hidy, Melanie Joy, Sebastian Joy, Michael Klaper, Tobias Leenaert, Erica Meier, Dawn Moncrief, Ingrid Newkirk, Nathan Runkle, Paul Shapiro, and Jane Velez-Mitchell, among many others.

Nearly 80 sessions addressed animal abuse, organizing, and advocacy, with topics including “Animal Rights in the Age of Trump,” “Enacting/ Enforcing Animal Legislation,” “Nature of Social Change,” “Power of Social Media,” “Value of Social Deviance,” “Confronting Oppression,” “Human Overpopulation” and more.

“My first conference! Had a blast and met great people and learned so much!”
~ AR2017 Attendee 


Shopping, Food and Networking

More than 100 exhibits offered vegan food, clothing, merchandise, literature, and other cruelty-free vegan products. Networking reception provided ample networking opportunities. We are most grateful to the many food companies that donated meals and snacks throughout the event.

Film Screenings

Attendees were introduced to premiere screenings of several animal rights documentaries, including an exclusive look at a new short film featuring Joaquin Phoenix by “Earthlings” director Shaun Monson. Additional screenings included “What The Health,” as well as screenings of “Okja,” and “The Last Pig.”

“Thank you for everything you have done.
Your staff put on such an amazing successful event!”
~ AR2017 Attendee

Awards Banquet and Closing Ceremony

Saturday night’s Awards Banquet featured TV personality Kat Von D, who received this year's Celebrity Animal Advocate Award and was introduced by vegan actress Harley Quinn. Zoe Rosenberg, founder of Happy Hen Chicken Rescue, was selected for the Youth Activist Award, and Gerardo Tristan, the Founder and Director of FaunAccion, was selected for the Grassroots Animal Activist Award. Author Melanie Joy was inducted by the speakers into the U.S. Animal Rights Hall of Fame

The event concluded with a Celebration of Animal Rights led by renowned drag queen Honey LaBronx and the “other" drag queen, Mistress Ginger followed by karaoke, drinks, and lots of delicious animal-free snacks.

Reliving Your Experience

You can relive the conference (or experience it for the first time) by browsing the Program Booklet, photo gallery and purchasing audio recordings.

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Thank You & Join Us Again Next Year!

We’re honored that you joined us and we hope it was a valuable experience for you.

AR 2018 will take place on the west coast and registration will open early next year.