June 28 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel


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 [m] - moderator 

Thursday, August 3
Special Seminar (10:00am-4:00pm)
Mindfulness & Meditation for Activists (Training in several forms of mindfulness and meditation to calm and direct our minds) - [m]Isaacson, Nessel
Welcome Reception (4:00pm-6:00pm)
Registration (4:00pm-10:00pm)
Film Screening (4:15pm-6pm)
Film: "What the Health" (Our health system is headed in the wriong direction - interviews with leading health authorities.) - [m]Cohen Harrington, Klaper, Mills
Dinner (6:00pm-7:00pm)
Opening Plenary (7:20-9:30pm) - [m]Lindstrom
Opening ceremony - Smith
Welcome and Program Preview - Hershaft
Welcome by Gold Sponsors - K. Budkie, Cooney, Holmberg, Lindstrom, Meier, Moncrief, Nunez
Conference Preview - C. Davis, Riley
Nature of Animal Rights (A survey of the ethical and legal theories of animal rights) - Kemmerer, Leonard, Wise
Our Future is Vegan (Our vision of a vegan world) - Klaper
Networking Reception I (9:30m-11:00pm)
Film Screening (10pm-12am)
Film: "Okja" (About a brave little girl and her monster pig she saves from slaughter) - A. Davis, Krajnc



Friday, August 4
Meditation (7:30am-8:15am) - [m]Isaacson
Yoga training (7:30am-8:15am) - [m]Glover
Snack (8:00am-8:45am)
Registration (8:00am-8:00pm)
Morning Plenary I (9:00am-10:30am) - [m]Coman-Hidy
Announcements and Speed Touting (Brief announcements by attendees) - C. Davis
State of Our Movement (Recent progress, challenges, and prospects in our movement's key areas) - M. Budkie, T. Phillips, Rivard, Webermann
Exhibits (10:30am-6:00pm)
Concurrent Workshops
Human Overpopulation (Why animal advocates should care) - [m]Cohen Harrington, Munter, Paul, Rieder
Know Your Rights 101 (How to exercize our basic rights of free speech and assembly) - [m]Wilkens, Meeropol, Strugar
Power of Individual Advocacy (Power of personal testimony, T-shirts, leafleting, letter writing) - [m]Atcheson, Friedrich, R. Phillips, Prolman
Winning Hearts and Minds (Past and current theories and techniques of vegan advocacy) - Hershaft
Newcomers I: Making Most of AR2017 (The AR movement, visions and strategies, conference role and program) - [m]Stram, Baur, Riley, Webermann
Animal Personhood (Animal have individual personalities, feelings, interests) - [m]Stram, Cantor, K. Davis, Lahiri
Growing Our Potential (Taking charge of our lives and becoming effective activists and leaders) - Hershaft
Power of Art and Photography (Power of art and photography in advocating for animal rights) - [m]Wilson, Lindstrom, McArthur, Rose
Power of Confrontation (Power of confrontation in advancing animal rights) - [m]Wilkens, Groff, Krajnc, Reese
ABCs of Vegan Nutrition (Do's and don’t's of vegan nutrition; diseases associated with animal foods) - [m]Sanchez, Klaper, Melina, Messina
Lunch (1:00pm-2:15pm)
Lunch with Gold Sponsors (1:30pm-2:15pm)
A Well-Fed World - Dietary Racism - Mills, Moncrief
Concurrent Workshops
Getting to Know Our Adversaries (Who is driving animal exploitation and how they are likely to stop) - [m]Atcheson, K. Budkie, Cantor, Gunn, Nobari
Surviving Our Activism (Dealing with despair, disillusionment, and burnout) - [m]Dinshah, Gorski, Leenaert, Levinson
Power of Videos (Power of videos in advocating for animal rights) - [m]Cohen Harrington, Barwick, Berger, Brown
Nature of Social Change (Needs and resources, stages of social change, creating change) - Hershaft
Power of Research and Numbers (Need for research and handling of numbers in animal advocacy) - [m]Wilson, M. Budkie, Ginsberg, Moncrief, Sethu
Abuse of Fish and Marine Mammals (Abuse of aquatic animals by the fishing industry) - [m]Dinshah, Caldwell, Finelli, Guimaraes
Veganism as Social Deviance (Social reforms require courageous deviance from social norms) - [m]Atcheson, Barwick, K. Davis, Nobari, Rosenberg
Power of Documentaries (Power of documentaries in advocating for animal rights) - [m]Cohen Harrington, Devries, McIntyre, Monson
Removing Vegan Barriers (Removing barriers to our vegan advocacy) - [m]Segal, Ginsberg, Hershaft, Kaufman
Power of Investigations (Power of investigations in advocating for animal rights) - [m]Young, Couto, Rice, Valle, Wolf
Abuse of Land Animals for Food (Abuse of animals by the meat and dairy industries) - [m]Glover, Friedrich, Sethu, Webermann
Working For Our Movement (Pros and cons of donating, volunteering, and employment) - [m]Dinshah, Hershaft, Ottens, Perry, Sjodin
Power of Technology (Technological innovations in advocating for animals) - [m]Young, Couto, Devries, Sauerburger, Valle
Supporting and Retaining Vegans (How to support new vegans and prevent recidivism) - [m]Sanchez, Kroplick, Kwiatkowski, Lindstrom
Improving Relationship & Communication (Improving relations and communication with meat-consuming family and friends) - M. Joy
Dinner (6:00pm-7:00pm)
Evening Plenary I (7:20pm-9:30pm) - [m]Meier, Aspey
Winning Strategies for Farmed Animals (Individual advocacy and reform of U.S. food system) - Friedrich, Hershaft
A Global Approach (A global approach to vegan advocacy) - M. Joy, S. Joy, Leenaert, Tuider
A Call to Action (Inspiring messages for our movement) - Gazzola, Newkirk
Networking Reception II (9:30pm-11:00pm)
Film Screening (10pm-12am)
Film: "The Last Pig" (A pig farmer decide to quit his business of raising pigs for slaughter) - Argo, Barcus



Saturday, August 5
Meditation (7:30am-8:15am) - [m]Isaacson
Yoga training (7:30am-8:15am) - [m]Glover
Snack (8:00am-8:45am)
Registration (8:00am-6:00pm)
Morning Plenary II (9:00am-10:30am) - [m]Moran
Announcements and Speed Touting - C. Davis
Personal Reflections (Personal reflections by movement leaders) - Adams, K. Davis
Animal Rights in Age of Trump (Likely impacts of Trump presidency on animal rights) - Meeropol, Shapiro, Velez-Mitchell
Exhibits (10:30am-6:00pm)
Concurrent Workshops
Abuse of Animal Companions (Dealing with homeless cats, dogs, and birds) - [m]Dinshah, Funkhouser, Kyle, McGreal
Organizing for Change (Preparing a successful campaign) - [m]Wilkens, Coman-Hidy, Groff, Hurst, Nunez
Power of Language and Rhetoric (Power of words and phrases in advocating for veganism) - [m]Glover, Barwick, Hershaft, Wright
Plant-Based Food Revolution (Plant-based foods are revolutionizing the U.S. food system) - [m]Segal, Balk, Friedrich, Tibbott
Newcomers II: Inspiring Journeys (Inspiring personal stories by prominnet movement activists) - [m]Stram, Baur, Bausch, Runkle, Velez-Mitchell
Abuse of Animals in Fashion (Abuse of animals for leather, fur, feathers, and wool) - [m]Young, Annilyn, Moore, Schmitz, Sewell
Managing a National Organization (How to run a successful national animal rights organization) - [m]Cohen Harrington, Cooney, Gunn, Nunez
Power of Stories (Power of stories in evoking emotional response) - [m]Sanchez, Lahiri, Lamont, Rose
Plant-Based Diet Campaigns (Diet campaign are creating huge demand for plant-based foods) - [m]Atcheson, Kateman, Middleton, Okamoto
Power of Inclusivity and Compassion (Living with the knowledge that even vegans die) - [m]Glover, Adams, Breitman, Messina
Lunch (1:00pm-2:15pm)
Lunch with Gold Sponsors (1:30pm-2:15pm)
Animal Equality - Working for Animals in the World - Cupi, Nunez, Ramirez, Shephard
Compassion Over Killing - Changing Menus and Minds - Cascada, Meier
Concurrent Workshops
Abuse of Animals for Science (Abuse of animals in education, product testing, drug research) - [m]Young, K. Budkie, Ellison, Vlasak
Running a Local Group (How to run a successful local group) - [m]Segal, Carrera, S. Joy, Sanders
Speaking Our Message (How to perform effective public speaking) - [m]Young, Marino, Moran, Wilkens
Winning Local Laws (Enacting local legislation to protect animals) - [m]Atcheson, Birnkrant, Marino, Shapiro
Promoting Veganism or Saving Animals? (Is there a conflict and how do we reconcile it? - a rap session) - [m]Webermann
Confronting Abuse for Science (Reducing abuse of animals in education, testing, and research) - [m]Stram, M. Budkie, Goodman, Sandler
Running Local Events (How to plan and implement an effective local event) - [m]Segal, Bohanec, Meier, Sanders
Winning National Laws (Enacting national legislation to protect animals) - [m]Atcheson, Carlson, T. Phillips, Roberts
How to Cope with Ethical Dilemmas? (How do we balance conflicting ethical choices? - a rap session) - Baur
Addressing Humane Hoax (Dealing with "humane," "cage-free," and other misleading labels) - [m]Wilson, Bohanec, Grillo, Van Kleeck
Running a Sanctuary (How to run a successful animal sanctuary) - [m]Wilson, McCrystal, McGreal, Stevens, Van Kleeck
Enforcing Protective Laws (Effective enforcement of laws that protect animals from abuse) - [m]Wilkens, Bala, Couto, Ellison, Kerr
When Is Killing a Lesser Evil? (Are there occasions when we can justify killing? - a rap session) - [m]Atcheson
Banquet / Dinner (6:30pm)
Those skipping the banquet welcome to 7:30 plenary
Evening Plenary II (7:30pm-9:30pm) - [m]Moncrief, Krajnc
Conference Report (Opportunity to thank our amazing staff) - Hershaft
Benefit Auction (Offering lovely premiums for donations to scholarship fund) - Lindstrom, Velez-Mitchell
Tom Regan Tribute (Commemorating the passing of AR champion Tom Regan)
Awards Ceremony (Hall of Fame, Grassroots, Young Activist, and Celebrity awards) - Hershaft, Meier, Rowe, Runkle
Networking Reception III (9:30pm-11:00pm)



Sunday, August 6
Meditation (7:30am-8:15am) - [m]Isaacson
Yoga training (7:30am-8:15am) - [m]Glover
Snack (8:00am-8:45am)
Registration (8:00am-5:00pm)
Exhibits (10:00am-5:00pm)
Concurrent Workshops
Abuse of Animals in Entertainment (Abuse of animals in circuses, rodeos, zoos, aquariums) - [m]Wilkens, LeBlanc, Peet, T. Phillips
Organizing Our Grassroots (Engaging local activists in national campaigns) - [m]Young, Camp, Hamilton, S. Joy
Power of Social Media 1 (Effective use of social media in vegan advocacy) - [m]Dinshah, Hinton, Rose, Velez-Mitchell
Engaging Young People (Effective ways of engaging young people in vegan advocacy) - [m]Sanchez, Guinn, Price, Radish, Rowbotham
Winning for Animals in Latin America (Animal rights and vegan activism in Latin America) - [m]Segal, Guimaraes, Ramirez, Tristan, Uribe
Abuse of Animals In The Wild (Abuse of wild horses, killing of wildlife by ranchers, hunting) - [m]Wilkens, McGreal, Rivard, Sugalski
Raising Funds for Our Cause (Effective techniques for funding our work) - [m]Dinshah, Bollaert, LeBlanc, Levine
Power of Social Media 2 (Effective use of social media in vegan advocacy) - [m]Glover, Bartlett, Modi, Oberg
Engaging Children (Effective ways of engaging children in vegan advocacy) - [m]Sanchez, Chiriboga, Hargreaves, Moore, Tuider
Winning for Animals Across Europe (Building a global movement in Europe and beyond) - [m]Segal, M. Joy, S. Joy, Leenaert, Shephard
Abuse of Our Environment (How animal agriculture devastates our air, water, animal habitats) - [m]Cohen Harrington, Hershaft, Kemmerer, Zhou
Power of Traditional Media (Effective use of print media in our work) - [m]Wilson, M. Budkie, Cantor, Hargreaves, Hershaft
Engaging Through Religion (Engaging various religious denominations in our work) - [m]Stram, Cohan, Kaufman, Levinson, Turner
Winning for Animals in Australia (Animal rights and vegan activism in Australia) - [m]Glover, Aspey, Hurst
Lunch (12:30pm-2:15pm)
Lunch with Gold Sponsors (1:30pm-2:15pm)
Mercy For Animals: ("Our Global Movement Saves Animals") - Alfaro, Hiddema, Runkle
Concurrent Workshops
Human Abuse by Animal Agriculture (Human abuse by animal agriculture: hunger, disease, exploitation) - [m]Young, Carrera, Melina, Moncrief
Power of Online Marketing (Use of online advertising to promote veganism) - [m]Cohen Harrington, Brown, Lindstrom, Marino
Engaging Inclusively (How to be inclusive in our vegan advocacy) - [m]Wilkens, Birdie, Carter, Rojas, Sanders
Winning for Animals In India/Indonesia (Animal rights and vegan activism in India and Indonesia) - [m]Dinshah, Ava, Henry, Weintraub
One Struggle Against All Oppression (What are effective ways of ending oppression) - [m]Glover, Gorski, Hershaft, Kemmerer, Young
Assessing Our Impact (Assessing effective ways of conducting our work) - [m]Wilson, Adleberg, Caldwell, Grillo, Moncrief
Engaging Institutions (Working with food processors, food services, cafeterias) - [m]Sanchez, Bhumitra, Hiddema, Liptrot
Winning for Animals In China/Japan (Animal rights and vegan activism in China and Japan) - [m]Stram, Sauerburger, Su, Zhou
Closing Plenary (5:00pm-6:15pm)
Closing Plenary - We're Winning! (Inspiring reports on our progress) - Meier, Moncrief, Runkle
Closing Ceremony
Dinner (6:00pm-7:00pm)
Animal Rights Bash (8pm-11pm)
Big-name entertainment, food, karaoke, networking
Conference registration not required