July 7th - 10th Los Angeles, CA
 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel

2014 Program Schedule

Below is the AR2014 Program Schedule. Details for AR2015 will be posted in the coming months.

View the program booklet (pdf).

Thursday, July 10

Welcome Reception
Conference Slideshow

"Speciesism: The Movie" Screening - Q&A with filmmaker Mark Devries


7:20pm – Opening Plenary
MC - Webermann
Opening Ceremony - Hendrix
Welcome Remarks - LA councilmember Paul Koretz; CA State Senator Ted Lieu
Introductory Remarks by Silver Sponsors - Barcus, Budkie, Glover, Hartland, McGreal, Meier, Moncrief
Animal Rights Yesterday & Today (Historical development, Eyewitness account, Differing philosophies) - Best, Clifton, Hershaft
Inspirational Remarks (Welcoming notes by Gold Sponsors) - Cooney, DeRose, Kroplick, Reiman

Networking Reception & Evening Snack
Screening of "I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk & PETA

Friday, July 11

Group Workout (Choice of self-defense or yoga with professional trainers) - Buchwald, Cressey

Morning Snack

9:00am - Morning Plenary
MC - Meier
State of Our Movement (Recent progress, challenges, and prospects in key areas of animal abuse) - M. Budkie, Lange, Ornelas

10:15am - 6:00pm
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Tactics,Reports)

Newcomer Orientation I (Everything you need to get the most out of your first AR Conference experience) - Moncrief, Stram, Webermann
Managing a Local Group (Learn the basics on volunteers, meetings, workload distribution, working with nationals, finances) - LeBlanc, Mullin
Nature of Social Change (Social progress through struggle; stages of social change; recognizing victory) - Best, Hershaft
Lessons From Companion Campaigns (What activists have learned combatting overpopulation and abuse of animal companions) - Arth, Couto, Stanley

Animal Abuse for Science (Videos and Q&A about animal abuse in education, testing, research) - K. Budkie, Goodman
Raising Funds for Animals (Appealing to donors online, via mail, and though planned giving; cutting costs) - Haisley, LeBlanc
Conducting Personal Advocacy (Getting active, reaching individuals, holding effective conversations, garnering media) - Dawn, Friedrich, May
Lessons from Fur Campaigns (What activists have learned combatting animal use and abuse for fashion) - Klein, Lowson, Su

Classroom Presentation Training (Hands-on traning to prepare participants to offer high school and college humane education lectures) - Cantrell, Coman-Hidy
Moving Away from Shelter Killing: A Middle Ground? (Can we adopt our way out of shelter killing? What else will it take?) - Clifton; Haisley

1:30 - Lunch
100,000 Vegans in January (Join Silver Sponsor Veganuary and learn how you can help achieve their goal) - Glover
Becoming a Life-Long Activist (Join Gold Sponsors In Defense of Animal in discussing your needs as an activist) - Kroplick, Levinson
Factory Farm Investigations (Join Gold Sponsors Mercy for Animals for an in-depth discussion of their investigations & follow-up) - Rice, Runkle

Animal Abuse for Amusement and Companionship (Videos and Q&A about abuse regarding dogs, cats, rodeos, racing & fighting) - DeRose, Hindi
Working for the Movement (Full-time or spare-time activism? What professional skills are needed?) - Camp, Leahy, May, Potter
Running Strategic Campaigns (How to map out objectives, plan tactics & events, and assess results) - Coman-Hidy, Núñez
Lessons From Vivisection Campaigns (What activists have learned combatting animal use and abuse in laboratories & schools) - Bellotti, M. Budkie, McGreal

Animal Abuse for Food (Videos and Q&A about animal abuse on farms, at sea, in slaughterhouse) - Baur, Runkle
Documenting Our Movement: Then and Now (Archiving the history of our movement and displaying current issues to the public) - Mullin, Thayer
Applying Direct Action (Getting attention and changing behavior through economic, media, social pressure) - Best, Hartland, Young
Lessons From Wildlife Campaigns (What activists have learned combatting the extermination & captivity of animals on land and water) - Hindi, Parks

Abuse of Wildlife on Land & Water (Videos and Q&A about extermination of free animals on land/water & captive animals in zoos/circuses) - Hartland, Muller, Rossell
New Directions for Animal Advocacy (Using lessons from social science to build a more strategic movement) - Cooney, Hsiung
Women's and Animal Rights - What's the Connection? (Exploring the intersections of feminism, LGBTQ issues, and animal rights) - Cressey, jones, Kemmerer, Ornelas, Orr, Sheen
Lessons From Farmed Animal Campaigns (What activists have learned reducing the use of farmed animals) - Bhumitra, Bohanec, Camp, Cantrell, Coman-Hidy, Felsinger, Rice

6:00 pm
Racial Diversity in the AR Movement
(Why Diversity Matters, and How We Can Achieve It) - Hsiung; Sawhney

7:20pm - Evening Plenary
MC - Wilkens
Animals, Activism and the Legal System (Plenary panel on government repression of activism & using the legal system to fight for animals) - Gazzola, Meeropol, Potter, Prosin, Shapiro
Keynote Presentation by PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk

Networking Reception & Evening Snack
"Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret" Screening - Q&A with filmmakers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn

Saturday, July 12

Group Workout II (choice of self-defense or yoga with professional trainers) - Buchwald, Cressey

Morning Snack

9:00am - Morning Plenary
MC - Dawn
Lessons from Movement Leaders (Movement leaders with decades of experience share their expertise) - Baur, Kroplick, McGreal

10:15am - 6:00pm
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Tactics, Raps)

Newcomer Orientation II (Successful activists explain how they became who they are today) - Bohanec, Gil, Johnson, Stram, Young
Winning Hearts and Minds (Theory of changing behavior directly and by impacting feelings and beliefs) - Hershaft
Electing and Lobbying for Animals (Political activism, enacting local laws, and conducting litigatino) - Hallinan, Marino, Muller
What Do We Want? How Do We Get It? (What is each of our personal vision, mission, strategy, and tactic for animal rights?) - Webermann

Farmed Animals and the Meat Industry (The surprising truth about the personalities of animals and the operations of industry & government) - Friedrich, Simon
Vegan Nutrition for Activists (Benefits and concerns of a vegan diet; vegan nutrition Q&A) - Messina, Norris
Enforcing Protective Laws (Using local authorities, media, agitation, and the legal system) - Bala, Stanley
When Is Collaboration Acceptable? (How far can we work with an organization with a different vision?) - Clifton

Tapping Into Our Compassion (Melanie Joy and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau will address paths and roadblocks to compassionate living) - Joy, Patrick-Goudreau
Lobbying Training (Required for Monday lobbying participants; free vegan cookies will be served) - Astrof, Wilkens

1:30 - Lunch
Advocating for Our Closest Cousins (Join Silver Sponsors IPPL & SAEN for a special panel about primate advocacy) - M. Budkie, Ingersoll, McGreal, Schemkes
Grants for Activists At Home & Abroad (Join Silver Sponsor VegFund to find out how to get your activism funded) - Barcus
Know Your Rights 101 (Get the basics about the law and your street activism, from protests to outreach) - Meeropol, Simon

Confronting Challenges to Animal Activism (Repression of investigations and social activism by government and corporate interests) - Bala, Potter, Shapiro
Measuring the Impact of Our Advocacy (Approaches to calculating how effective our efforts are; exploring where to go from here) - Bellotti, Bockman
Engaging School Districts & Universities (Enacting Meatless Mondays, campaigning for better food policies, engaging in shareholder activism) - Coman-Hidy, Middleton, Slonimsky
Welfare, Abolition, and Direct Action? (Should welfare reforms, direct action, or other tactics be off-limits?) - Hershaft

The Root and Power of Language (Exploring the etymology of speciesist language in order to live and speak more compassionately) - Patrick-Goudreau
Developing Our Movement (Mission & vision, structure, alignments, issues, leadership, communications) - Hershaft
Ending Animal Use for Fashion & Entertainment (PETA leaders offer their lessons and tips from years of advocacy) - Lange, Reiman
When Is Killing the Lesser Evil? (Attacking animals? Unadopted dogs & cats? Invasive species?) - Mars

Hidden Victims of Agribusiness (Farm worker mistreatment, impact on global hunger & climate change, species extinction) - Feldstein, Moncrief, Ornelas, Schaeffer Yildiz
Personal Growth: Leading and Accomplishing (Developing leadership, getting things done, staying resilient, preventing burnout) - Hershaft
Advocating for Animals Online (Online engagement, petitions, spreading awareness through social media and video) - Holland, Modi, Solomon
How Should We Relate to Other Movements? (are cheating and killing ever justified? and, if so, when? ideology vs. reality) - Best

6:30pm - Gourmet Vegan Banquet
Musical Performance - Heller
Conference Slideshow

7:30 - Evening Plenary II
MC - Moncrief
Conference Report - Hershaft
Awards: Grassroots Activist & Youth
Entertainment Interlude (Professional magician of "Magic Castle" fame will perform a special magic show) - Scott
Benefit Auction - Hendrix, Webermann
Awards: Athlete & Hall of Fame - Hershaft

Networking Reception & Evening Snack

Sunday, July 13

Group Workout III (choice of self-defense or yoga with professional trainers) - Buchwald, Winnard

Morning Snack

9:00am - Morning Plenary
MC - Johnson
Tales from the Trenches (Plenary panel of personal accounts from undercover investigators and on-the-grounds animal activists) - Radig, Reyes, Tumasse

10:15am - 6:00pm
Workshops (Issues, Organizing, Tactics)

Using Technology to Replace Animals (Exploring the prospects of technological advancements to replace animal meat & experimentation) - Cohen, Datar
Empowering Vegans in an Animal-Eating Culture (Learning carnism in order to empower ourselves as individuals & build a more strategic movement) - Joy
Raising a Vegan Generation (Books, school lunches & nutrition, social situations, activities) - Gates, Mars, Roth - Moved to Saturday at 10:30am
Advocating for Captive & Free-Roaming Animals (Best tactics and prospects for progress for animals in circuses & rodeos & marine mammals,) - Hindi, Rossell, Sehgal

Addressing Barriers to Veganism (Access to vegan foods, affordability, social stigma, preventing recidivism) - Bellotti, Carr, Ornelas
Designing & Advertising Our Message (Designing for the audience, where & how to publicize our message) - Meier, Runkle
Engaging The Media (Being newsworthy and a source, news releases, letters to editor, talk shows, cultivating relations) - Andrade, Hershaft, Jauron
Responding to Vivisection Arguments (Combatting the most common arguments supporting animal research & testing) - Cohen, Goodman

"What's For Dinner?" Screening - Q&A with Dawn Moncrief
Strategies for Promoting Vegan Eating (Four national leaders give their best advice for promoting vegan diets) - Cooney, Friedrich, Meier, Webermann

1:30 - Lunch
College Activism Training 101 (Bring your questions & ideas for Gold Sponsor PETA in a special lunchtime training) - Huling
International Investigations (Join Gold Sponsors Last Chance for Animals as they detail their international investigations) - DeRose, Valle

Challenging Language and Labels (use of language and labels to deceive consumers) - Bohanec, Leahy, Stanley
Promise of Civil Disobedience (banner drops, stealth labeling, blocking access, sit-ins, disruptions, open rescues) - Shapiro, Webermann
Engaging Young Adults (Targeting by age, connecting with & holding your audience, conducting follow-up) - Camp, Fitzgerald, Frankle
Why India Matters (Exploring the reasons that India holds particular global importance & what is being done about it) - Mehta, Moncrief, Weintraub

Addressing Animal Population (Tactics for reducing the overpopulation of wildlife and companion animals without killing) - Levinson, Pacheco, von Schlichten
Planning Successful Events (The basics of planning festivals, conferences, and other large events) - K. Budkie, Nambudiripad
Engaging Religious Institutions (Moving major US religions in an animal-friendly direction) - Cohan, Fulton, Kemmerer
Animal Rescuing (Saving and rehabilitating animals who are abused or victims of disasters) - Couto, Haisley

Sustainable Activism and Self-Care (Dealing with workload, worry, anxiety, grief, and hostility to prevent burnout) - Carman, Kroplick, Levinson
Speaking Our Message (Attracting and maintaining interest in our presentations) - Wilkens
Engaging Abroad (Advocating for animal rights and veganism throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and beyond) - Cora, Parks, Su, Zösch
Running a Sanctuary (Animal acceptance and care, role in public education,) - Beach, jones

5:30pm - Closing Plenary
MC – Holland
Conference Slideshow
Our Movement Will Win! (Inspiring prospects for our movement + keynote presentation by Nathan Runkle) - DeRose, Klaper, Runkle
Closing Ceremony

How'd We Do? (Bring your constructive comments for the AR2014 organizers) - Hershaft, Riley, Webermann

Celebration of Animal Rights (8:15) – Karaoke and dance party to keep your spirits up as the conference ends

Monday, July 14

8:00am - Morning Snack

Post-Conference Activities
Demonstration Orientation (9:00am) - M. Budkie, Schemkes
UCLA Protest (9:45am at hotel lobby; 11am onsite) (Join SAEN for a protest against the animal experimentation at UCLA) - M. Budkie
Lobbying (10:00am - 5:00pm) - Astrof, Wilkens
Delta Airlines Protest (3:00pm) (Join The Bunny Alliance for a protest against the animal transportation by Delta Airlines) - Schemkes