June 28 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel


Are you an activist financially unable to attend the conference? Thanks to generous supporters, we have the opportunity to offer some or all of the following scholarship options to qualified individuals: free registration, free space in a shared group hotel room, a stipend toward travel costs (not to exceed $500). If you are able and willing to take part in our work scholarship program, we may also incorporate this into the scholarship arrangement. 

Please apply here:

We will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your application.
If you do not receive a scholarship, we offer other opportunities. In an effort to make the conference affordable and accessible to all who care about animals, we invite you to join our Work Scholar program to earn back the complete cost of your registration. We also offer low-income discounts, message boards for carpooling and room sharing, complimentary morning and evening snacks, and free admission to exhibits and one daytime session.


Other Ways To Save