June 28 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel


Posted below is our initial speaker list. If you have any questions or comments, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Jo Anderson - Faunalytics

Irina Anta - Compassion Over Killing

Allison Argo - producer, The Last Pig

James Aspey - Voiceless365, thINK24

Rachel Atcheson - NYC Mayor's Animal Welfare Liaison

Emily Moran Barwick - Bite Size Vegan

Gene Baur - Farm Sanctuary

Dotsie Bausch - Compassion Champs

Terran Baylor - Dolphin Project

Marji Beach - Animal Place

Anthony Bellotti - White Coat Waste Project

David Benzaquen - PlantBased Solutions

Ryan Bethencourt - Wild Earth

Aashish Bhimani - animal rights activist

Jaya Bhumitra - Animal Equality

Rachel Black - The Humane League

Laurelee Blanchard - Leilani Farm Sanctuary

Darina Bockman - Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management

Jon Bockman - Vegan Leaders in Corporate Management, ACE

Hope Bohanec - United Poultry Concerns

Nikki Bollaert - Blue Raven Strategic, fundraising consultant

Mirko Buchwald - vegan athlete

Karen Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!

Michael Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!

Genesis Butler - A Vegan Child's Journey

Ashley Capps - Mothers Against Dairy, A Well-Fed World

Jill Carnegie - NYCLASS

Michelle Carrera - Chilis on Wheels

Juliana Castañeda Turner - Juliana's Animal Sanctuary

Jeffrey Cohan - Jewish Veg

David Coman-Hidy - The Humane League

Alycia Corpiel - Space Coast Animal Rights

Camila Cossio - Good Food Institute

Karen Davis - United Poultry Concerns

Fleur Dawes - In Defense of Animals

Karen Dawn - DawnWatch, author

Mark Devries - director, Speciesism: The Movie

Stacey Ellison - Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!

Victor Flores - Vegan Outreach

Bruce Friedrich - The Good Food Institute

Tyson-Lord Gray - professor and attorney

Robert Grillo - Free from Harm

Zachary Groff - The Save Movement, Sentient Media

Andrea Gunn - The Humane League

Susan Hargreaves - Animal Hero Kids

A. Breeze Harper - Sistah Vegan Project

Alissa Hauser - The Pollination Project

Laura Henderson - Pasado's Safe Haven

Amanda Houdeschell - Species Revolution

Colleen Holland - VegNews Magazine

pattrice jones - VINE Sanctuary

Melanie Joy - Beyond Carnism, CEVA

Sebastian Joy - ProVeg International, CEVA

Lisa Kemmerer - author, Sister Species & Eating Earth

Aph Ko - author, Aphro-ism

Anita Krajnc - Toronto Pig Save, The Save Movement

Rachel Krantz - Mercy For Animals

Honey LaBronx - The Vegan Drag Queen

Indra Lahiri - Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Cheryl Leahy - Compassion Over Killing

Carrie LeBlanc - Compassion Works International

Tobias Leenaert - Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy

VeganEvan LeFevre - Animal Hero Kids

Joshua Levine - cruelty free financial advisor, RBC Wealth Management

Lisa Levinson - In Defense of Animals

Eric Lindstrom - Compassion Over Killing

Hana Low - The Microsanctuary Movement

Mia MacDonald - Brighter Green

Damien Mander - International Anti-Poaching Foundation

Clare Mann - author, Vystopia

Nora Constance Marino - Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund

Armaiti May - Veterinary Association for the Protection of Animals

Rachel McCrystal - Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Shirley McGreal - International Primate Protection League

Tracye McQuirter - author, By Any Greens Necessary & Ageless Vegan

Erica Meier - Compassion Over Killing

Vesanto Melina - Nutrispeak

Kristie Middleton - author, MeatLess

Milton Mills - physician/nutritionist, A Well-Fed World

Dawn Moncrief - A Well-Fed World

Greg Muren - Compassion Over Killing

Nassim Nobari - Seed the Commons

Jack Norris - Vegan Outreach

Sharon Núñez - Animal Equality

John Oberg - The Humane League

Alyam Orian - Our Planet. Theirs Too.

lauren Ornelas - Food Empowerment Project

Julia Orr - Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch

Kassy Ortega - The Humane League

Omri Paz - Vegan Friendly

Sarah Pickering - Animal Equality

Susan Prolman - Activism For Animals

Taylor Radig - Vegan Outreach

Simone Reyes - Social Compassion

Jen Riley - Animal Rights National Conference

Lisa Rimmert - Vegan Outreach

Anteneh Roba - International Fund for Africa

Alicia Robb - Cruelty Free Investing

Katia Rodríguez - Vegan Outreach

Michelle Rojas - Better Eating International

Neta Rosenthal - Challenge 22+

Lindsay Rubin - V-Dog Dog Food

Brenda Sanders - Afro-Vegan Society, Vegan SoulFest

Miyoko Schinner - Miyoko's Kitchen

Kery Shaw - The Stolen Lives Project

Jasmin Singer - Our Hen House, VegNews Magazine

Scott Smith - animal rights activist

Meghan Smith - The Humane League

Kathy Stevens - Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Veda Stram - All-creatures.org

Matthew Strugar - lawyer

Pei Su - ACTAsia

Will Tuttle - author, The World Peace Diet

Candy Valentino - The Animal Friends of Westmoreland

Justin Van Kleeck - Triangle Chicken Advocates 

Karla Vargas - Hub City Veg Community in Lubbock, La Raza for Liberation

Jane Velez-Mitchell - JaneUnchained

Tiffany Walker-Roper - The Save Movement

Lindsay Wolf - Mercy For Animals

Mike Wolf - Compassion Over Killing

Jian Yi - Good Food Academy