July 30th - August 2nd ♦ Hilton Mark Center
 just outside Washington, DC


The Animal Rights National Conference features speakers from dozens of organizations across the world, representing different experiences and paths to animal liberation.

Below is the list of speakers who presented at last year's conference. Speakers for next year's conference will be posted by May 2015.

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Kip Andersen - co-producer, "Cowspiracy"
Silvana Andrade - ANDA
Jessica Astrof - Equal Justice Alliance
Vandhana Bala - Mercy For Animals
Brenda F. Barnette - Los Angeles Animal Services
Leslie Barcus - Veg Fund
Gene Baur - Farm Sanctuary
Francis Battista - Best Friends Animal Society
Marji Beach - Animal Place
Anthony Bellotti - White Coat Waste Project
Steve Best - University of Texas (El Paso)
Jaya Bhumitra - Compassion Over Killing
Jon Bockman - Animal Charity Evaluators
Hope Bohanec - United Poultry Concerns
Mirko Buchwald - Zanshin Fight Center
Michael Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Karen Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Jon Camp - Vegan Outreach
Katie Cantrell - Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Judy Carman - Circle of Compassion
Monica Carr - Farm Animal Rights Movement
David Carter - vegan NFL tackle, Oakland Raiders
Merritt Clifton - Animals 24/7
Jeffrey Cohan - Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Murry Cohen - Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
David Coman-Hidy - The Humane League
Nick Cooney - Mercy for Animals
Jola Cora - GenevAnimaliste
Richard Couto - Animal Recovery Mission (ARM)
Charlotte Cressey - Earth Energy Yoga
Isha Datar - New Harvest
Karen Dawn - author, "Thanking the Monkey"
Chris DeRose - Last Chance for Animals
Mark Devries - Director, Speciesism: The Movie
Stephanie Feldstein - Center for Biological Diversity
Alex Felsinger - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Angie Fitzgerald - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Stephanie Frankle - The Humane League
Bruce Friedrich - Farm Sanctuary
Moira Fulton - Episcopal Diocese of Olympia
Barbara Gates- Lean and Green Kids
Lauren Gazzola - Center for Constitutional Rights
Ady Gil - Ady Gil World Conservation
Matthew Glover - Veganuary
Justin Goodman - PETA
George Guimaraes - VEDDAS
Elizabeth Hallinan - Animal Legal Defense Fund
Susan Hartland - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Janeen Rae Heller - animal rights musician
Elaine Hendrix - actress & animal activist
Alex Hershaft - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Steve Hindi - SHARK
Colleen Holland - VegNews Magazine
Wayne Hsiung - Direct Action Everywhere
Ryan Huling - PETA2
Bob Ingersoll - Nim Chimpsky Trust
Kezia Jauron - Evolotus PR
Seba Johnson - vegan Olympic skier
pattrice jones - VINE Sanctuary
Melanie Joy - author, "Why Love Dogs, Eat Pigs..."
Lisa Kemmerer- author, "Sister Species"
Michael Klaper - vegan medical doctor
Jonathan Klein - rabbi, Faith Action for Animals
Paul Koretz - LA City Council
Marilyn Kroplick - In Defense of Animals
Keegan Kuhn - co-director, "Cowspiracy"
Lisa Lange - PETA
Cheryl Leahy - Compassion Over Killing
Carrie LeBlanc - Compassion Works Intl.
Lisa Levinson - In Defense of Animals
Kathleen Lowson - director, "Cry of the Innocent"
Nora Marino - Attorney
Andy Mars - Veg Kids
Armaiti May - animal rights veterinarian
Shirley McGreal - Int'l Primate Protection League
Rachel Meeropol - Center for Constitutional Rights
Tushar Mehta - animal activist
Erica Meier - Compassion Over Killing
Ginny Messina - author, "Vegan for Life"
Kristie Middleton - Humane Society of the U.S.
Pulin Modi - Change.org
Dawn Moncrief - A Well-Fed World
Carolyn Mullin - National Museum of Animals and Society
Unny Nambudiripad - Compassionate Action for Animals
Ingrid Newkirk - PETA
Jack Norris - Vegan Outreach
Sharon Núñez - Last Chance for Animals
lauren Ornelas - Food Empowerment Project
Julia Orr - Stop Animal Exploitation Now!
Alex Pacheco - 600 Million Stray Dogs Need You
Kristal Parks - Pachyderm Power! Love in Action for Elephants
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau - author, 30 Day Vegan Challenge
Will Potter - author, "Green Is the New Red"
Natalie Prosin - Nonhuman Rights Project
Taylor Radig - Undercover Investigator
Lindsay Rajt - PETA
Tracy Reiman - PETA
Simone Reyes - Running Russell Simmons
Matt Rice - Mercy For Animals
Jen Riley - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Matt Rossell - Animal Defenders International
Ruby Roth - author, "Why We Don't Eat Animals"
Nathan Runkle - Mercy For Animals
Priya Sawhney - Direct Action Everywhere
Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz- Rainforest Action Network
Amanda Schemkes - The Bunny Alliance
Brandon Scott - headlining magician, Magic Castle
Melissa Sehgal - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Ryan Shapiro - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nicoal Sheen - Grassroots liberationist organizer
Dave Simon - author, "Meatonomics"
Lee Slonimsky - Ocean Partners LP
Ari Solomon - Mercy for Animals
Doll Stanley - In Defense of Animals
Veda Stram - All-Creatures.org
Pei F. Su - Actasia for Animals
Gwyneth Thayer - Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive
TJ Tumasse - former undercover investigator
Jose Valle - Last Chance for Animals
Michael Webermann - Farm Animal Rights Movement
Eileen Weintraub - Help Animals India
Odette Wilkens - Equal Justice Alliance
Stephanie Winnard - yoga instructor
Peter Young - Animal Liberation Frontline
Sebastian Zösch - German Vegetarian Association