June 28 - July 1 ♦ Los Angeles, CA
Sheraton Gateway Hotel



"I'll never be the same after the AR conference! It was the most meaningful and impactful experience of my life. The networking opportunities at the conference were phenomenal. Hearing about the experiences and accomplishments of other individuals and groups dedicated to helping the animals motivated me far beyond my previous expectations and beliefs of what can be done..."
- Marsha Hargreaves

"I learn something every time I go to the AR conference. I wish more 'mainstream' people would go. It would open their eyes so wide and hopefully their hearts would follow..."
- Paulette Lincoln-Baker

"GREAT to meet so many like minded individuals!"
- Leigh-Chantelle Koch

"I came to the conference a vegetarian, and left a vegan. I was so inspired by everyone at the conference, Dallas Rising especially."
- Lauren Adkins Gordon

"It was wonderful to spend time, albeit brief, with so many like-minded individuals. My personal highlight was seeing Freedom, the rescued Beagle during the plenary session."
- Alexander G. Chamandy

"I loved the food...the sessions...it was all great."
- Anthony Gibbs

"This was my first time attending an animal rights conference. One of the highlights for me was meeting so many loving and caring people. I was able to bring my doggie Josie and she really enjoyed meeting Freedom!"
- Josie Herrera Ceccarelli

"Great Conference, friends! I have been to a number of conferences, and this was my best experience thus far! I learned so much and my batteries were topped off for another year of fighitng the fight. Look forward to next year and seeing your shining faces again."
- Robert Lucius

"The conference was awesome, I've never been around so many similar-minded individuals at one time. I particularly loved Friday night's planery session with Will Potter and Karen Davis. Saturday we made it out to Cafe Green and had a most amazing raw chocolate cheesecake. It was insanely good."
- Neal Williams

"I had an exceptional time at the Conference -- 4 days of non stop workshops, plenaries, exhibits, friendships, new alliances, education and great food too... The morning Yoga and the a.m. and p.m. snacks were great too - and the hotel, next to the Nature preserve was very uplifting to the spirit."
Azar Attura

"Not only did this 2010 conference break an attendance record- with double the plenary sessions, and the great new speakers, such as Lt.Col. Robert Lucius, it was the best ever. And your award for me will long be remembered."
- Anthony Marr

"Thank you for the opportunity to present at the conference. I believe the conference went very well and as always, it was a pleasure."
- Donald W. Elroy

"The animal rights conference was beyond fun! I met so many wonderful people who inspire me to keep going strong, reach beyond the sun, and way past the stars. I learned so much from the speakers and from the people sitting right next to me. Thank you."
- Laurie Harari

"Thank You. I would just die if I didn’t get to participate. It is such an awesome opportunity for all of us to learn, share, and just refuel with so many wonderful activists."
- Doll Stanley