Save the date for this year’s virtual conference:

Friday, August 13 – Sunday, August 15, 2021

In the summer of 1981, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) helped launch the U.S. animal rights movement by bringing its leading authorities together at a conference in Allentown, PA. With very few exceptions, FARM has been stewarding our movement’s national conferences ever since. In recent years, the Animal Rights National Conference has grown into the world’s largest and longest-running animal rights event. It attracts nearly 2,000 attendees representing 90 organizations from a dozen countries, with 100 exhibitors and 170 speakers presenting in 80 sessions. And in 2021, we’re going virtual!

The Animal Rights National Conference is dedicated to the vision that animals have the right to live free from human exploitation. It provides a forum where the relative merits of the multiple paths, strategies, and tactics for advancing that vision may be aired in an atmosphere of mutual respect. It offers eye-opening glimpses into animal exploitation, useful activist guidance, encouraging inspiration, and unparalleled networking opportunities. 

What to expect at this year’s international event:

  • Plenaries presented by some of the most prominent thought leaders in the movement including brief comments on topics of general interest. Stay tuned here for the most up-to-day information on the speaker lineup.

  • Expect thought-provoking breakout sessions along five concurrent tracks:

    1. Problems and Issues (animal abuses and other issues stemming from animal exploitation)

    2. Personal Development (overcoming fears, developing leadership, getting things done)

    3. Organizing (running a group, arranging events, fund raising)

    4. Technical advocacy (social media, marketing gimmicks, videos, documentaries, plant-based foods)

    5. General advocacy (persuasion process, use of language, corporate and dietary campaigns, social change)

  • Also: special reports, “rap” sessions, film screenings

Why is this year’s conference so much better than our past live conferences?

  • You can speak, listen, and debate from the comfort of your own home, in your favorite pajamas
  • Participation is open to all, not just animal rights and vegan leaders 
  • All sessions are recorded and posted for post-conference viewing, no more missed sessions
  • You can exhibit your organization or vegan product for a fraction of the cost at a live conference
  • Registration is a fraction of the cost of a live conference, and you save on travel and lodging
  • And, yes, we still provide the information, training, and inspiration that you have learned to love

We still offer all your favorite features …

  • Newcomer orientation
  • Documentation of animal abuses in agriculture, medicine, fashion, and entertainment
  • Tips for personal growth and activism
  • Guidance for organizing groups and campaigns
  • Advances in documenting, information, and replacement technologies
  • Successful campaign reports
  • “Rap” sessions on controversial issues
  • Exhibits by vegan organizations and manufacturers
  • Personal networking *streaming video

Among the more intriguing sessions:

Who started this thing, anyway? Why we oppress? Why animals? Animal rights, or animal lives? Animal rights is not about them Animal rights and the Holocaust Some we love, some we eat The fascinating lives of insects Who’s a vegan and why the controversy? How one speech made a million vegans OK, so what do we eat? Our choices are neither Living to fight another day Ending procrastination, someday Tilting at corporate and government windmills Should our movement go “intersectional?” Leaders are from Mars, managers are from Venus Joys and perils of toxic communication Ethical dilemmas in an ethical movement Who pays the bills?

For more information on this year’s virtual event, please feel free to email us at
Looking for 2019’s conference audio recordings? Click here.