We are excited to launched our exhibitor registration, with a new tiered pricing scheme. Pricing is now based on the organization’s annual income, with a 15% discount for all nonprofits. Why exhibit at AR2019? It is a great way to present your mission, products and services to the animal rights community. Recent conferences have hosted 1,750 attendees and visitors, all of whom have opportunities to mingle through our exhibit hall and support like-minded organizations through donations, activism or buying products.

Exhibits are open for three full days throughout the event starting Friday, July 26th in the morning and ending Sunday, July 28th in the evening. We give adequate time between sessions so that our attendees can visit the exhibit hall often, many of them doing their yearly shopping and information gathering just at our conference!

We also make sure all of our exhibitors receive promotion on social media and listed here one our website. This year we will have categories to make it easier for our attendees to sort through our exhibitors. We also promote our exhibit hall locally, to encourage visitors and new comers to the animal rights mission.

If you have any questions, please feel free to check our additional details and how to register on our exhibit page.