Moderator Position Description

Moderator Position Description

The Animal Rights National Conference is seeking moderators for each presentation. The primary responsibilities of the moderator is to introduce speakers, help keep the presentations on time, and help the presentations run smoothly.


Benefits of being a moderator include:

  • Helping to ensure a successful and effective Animal Rights National Conference, which will contribute to the growth and success of the animal rights movement
  • Opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of attendees and provide a framework for the presentations that you moderate


Responsibilities include:

  • Moderate approximately 4-8 sessions, including the Questions and Answers at the end of the sessions.
  • Briefly and enthusiastically introduce speakers
  • Keep the presentations running on time. If there are multiple people giving presentations, understand how much time is allotted for each speaker and direct them to end at the appropriate time
  • Troubleshoot as problems arise, e.g. room temperature, speakers not present, asking audience members to wrap up their questions, etc.



  • Ability to speak (briefly) in front of audiences and command attention
  • Ability to tell presenters when their time is up and be firm with them
  • Ability to work with the room, audience, presenters, and supplies to ensure the successful operation of each presentation


We will have an audio/visual specialist that can troubleshoot projector, audio, and recording issues. We will also have room monitors that will usher attendees. You will work with these people to help create successful presentations.

At this time, we are no longer seeking additional moderators. Thank you for your interest and we encourage you to attend if you are not planning to already.