We are exited to announce our preliminary speaker list and share it with you all! We do call it the preliminary because there are still speakers to be added while we work on the program sessions and workshops to make sure all the topics are covered and we have enough space.

New to this year, we’ve launched a Program Advisory Committee to work with our program team. The #AR2019 program will cover a diverse range of topics from presenters across the animal rights movement. This will include introductory sessions for newcomers, group discussions, sessions on activist self-care, and more. We’re also organizing workshops to help cultivate healthy work environments, discuss positive movement issue resolutions, and offer policy guidance to nonprofit managers.

Here is the list, you can also find it here. The speaker listed on this page will not be updated, but they will be on the speaker page.

Aysha Akhtar – Neurologist/public health specialist
Allison Argo
– ArgoFilms and THE LAST PIG
Rachel Atcheson – Deputy Strategist to the Brooklyn Borough President
Anthony Bellotti – White Coat Waste Project
Doomie Bey – Redefine Your Mind
Aashish Bhimani – Animal Rights Activist
Jaya Bhumitra – animal rights activist
Aryenish Birdie – Encompass
Edita Birnkrant – NYCLASS (New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets)
Anna Boarini VINE Sanctuary
Darina Bockman – Vegan Leaders
Hope Bohanec -United Poultry Concerns
Roberto Bonelli – The Animals Battalion
Lenore Braford – Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge
Karen Budkie – Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
Michael Budkie – Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
Genesis Butler – Genesis for Animals
Laura Cascada – Animal Rights Activist
Juliana Castaneda Turner – Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary
Jill Carnegie – NUMU Vegan
Michelle Carrera – Chilis on Wheels
Alka Chandna – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Callie Coker – Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack
Alycia Corpiel – Bunn-411
Susie Coston – Farm Sanctuary
Saurabh Dalal – Animal Rights Activist
Alan Darer – Mercy For Animals
Karen Davis – United Poultry Concerns
Deborah DiMare – Vegan Interior Design
Nichole Dinato – Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack
Earthling Ed – Surge
Alex Felsinger – Better Eating International
Mary Finelli – Fish Feel
Victor Flores – Vegan Outreach
Stephanie Frankle – The Humane League
Bruce Friedrich – The Good Food Institute
Shalin Gala – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Leah Garces – Mercy For Animals
Justin Goodman – White Coat Waste Project
Kathy Guillermo – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Sophia HamblenThe Raven Corps
Susan Hargreaves – Animal Hero Kids
Mark Hawthorne – Animal Advocate & Author
Christopher Hendrickson – The Humane League
Nathan Herschler – New England Anti Vivisection Society
Krista Hiddema – Esther the Wonder Pig & Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary
Maha Hilal – Justice for Muslims Collective
Cami HoffmanThe Raven Corps
pattrice jones – VINE Sanctuary
Melanie Joy – Beyond Carnism
Mara Keisling – National Center for Transgender Equality
Aph Ko – Author, Aphro-ism
Anita Krajnc – The Save Movement
Cailen LaBarge – Animal Equality
Indra Lahiri – Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
Cheryl Leahy – Compassion Over Killing
Joshua Levine – RBC Wealth Management
Lindsay Lewis – Artist
Jasmine C. Leyva – Film maker, The Invisible Vegan
Matthew Liebman – Animal Legal Defense Fund
Eric Lindstrom – Compassion Over Killing
Grant LingelSentient Media
Clare Mann – Vegan Psychologist
Nora Constance Marino – Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund
Jo-Anne McArthur – We Animals Media
Rachel McCrystal – Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Shirley McGreal – International Primate Protection League
Dan McKernan – Barn Sanctuary
Erica Meier – Compassion Over Killing
Ginny Messina – Vegan Dietitian
Amy Meyer – New England Anti Vivisection Society
Kimberly Moore – Fur Free Society, Inc.
Victoria Moran – Main Street Vegan
Brenda Morris – Humane Investing, LLC.
Liberty Mulkani – Animal Legal Defense Fund
Tracy Murphy – Asha’s Sanctuary
Kelly Myers – The Humane League
Hanh Nguyen – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Ndem Nkem – Animal Rights Activist
Sharon Núñez – Animal Equality
John Oberg – Social Media Consultant
lauren Ornelas – Food Empowerment Project
Melissa PattersonThe Raven Corps
Marissa Price – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Taylor Radig – Vegan Outreach
Clifton Roberts – The Humane Party
Kimberly Roemer – Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary
Michelle Rojas – Better Eating International
Marla Rose – Vegan Street
Steven Rouk – Mercy For Animals
Michael Ryan – New England Anti-Vivisection Society
Nathaniel Salpeter – Sweet Farm Foundation
Audrey Sanchez – Balanced, Inc.
Brenda Sanders – Afro-Vegan Society
Cristina Stella – Animal Legal Defense Fund
Pei Su – ACTAsia
Anna Tagliabue – Pelush
Sarah Thornton – Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
Barbara Troyer – Animal Place’s Food for Thought Campaign
Sue Udry – Defending Rights & Dissent
Katie Vann – Mercy For Animals
KR Vargas – La Raza For Liberation
Jane Velez-Mitchell – JaneUnChained News Network
Toni Vernelli – Animal Equality
Daniel Waltz – Animal Legal Defense Fund
Chloe Waterman – Friends of the Earth
Wendy Watts – The Humane League
Michael Webberman – Better Eating International
Patricia Welty – A Vegan Life
Mike Wolf – Compassion Over Killing
Rebecca Woodruff – Best Friends Animal Society
Naijha Wright-Brown – Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland

There is still time to join at the early registration rate, so don’t wait and register now!