Program Team

Meet the AR2019 Program Team

With a recent transition in leadership, the Animal Rights National Conference has an increased focus on acknowledging critical issues within the movement and exploring positive solutions. We seek to unite and strengthen the movement by providing a platform for discussion and networking, as well as activist support and training.

The AR2019 Program Team consists of the Conference Chair and Program Manager who consult with the newly formed Program Advisory Committee throughout various stages of program planning. The conference seeks to facilitate diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation of all sectors of the movement.

Meet the Conference Program Team:

Jen Riley

Jen Riley

Conference Chair

Jen Riley has been part of the Animal Rights National Conference operations team since 2005. As Operations Director for the past seven years, she has been responsible for overseeing the smooth-running and functioning of the four-day event. Working closely with an exceptional team of managers, Jen has overseen areas of sponsorships, exhibits, registration, hotel liaising, and networking events. Her years of experience as Managing Director of Farm Animal Rights Movement cultivated her administrative skills, financial management, and team-building.

As Co-Chair of last year’s conference alongside longtime colleague, Dawn Moncrief, Jen is now taking on primary leadership of AR2019 as Conference Chair. Working closely with Program Manager & Registrar, Ethan Eldreth, she is revamping the structure of decision-making and leadership within the conference. Actively seeking input from longtime leaders, grassroots activists, scholars, and newcomers within the movement, Jen has activated the Animal Rights National Conference's first Program Advisory Committee to consult with while crafting the program schedule.

Ethan Eldreth

Ethan Eldreth

Registrar & Program Manager

Ethan Eldreth is Program Manager and Registrar of the Animal Rights National Conference. He has been Registrar since 2015 and recently expanded his role into program side of the conference. Since attending his first conference in 2014, he has become familiar with movement activists, influencers and leaders by studying books, blogs and speeches. Though formally more on the technical side, he wishes to use his knowledge to help build an inclusive program that encompasses many topics.

During his time working at Farm Animal Rights Movement, Ethan worked on database management, web development, fundraising, member relations and campaigns. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy with an emphasis on animal rights and ethics. His fiancee, James, currently lives in Canada and they are in the process of awaiting a visa application so they can be married in the US. He spends his free time with James, his dog companion, Sasha, writing fiction and drawing.

Ethan works closely with the Chair, Jen Riley, to ensure that the conference remains affordable and that anyone that wants to attend should be able to. Together they have expanded the scholarship fund, re-evaluated the exhibitor prices to lower cost for smaller organizations and worked to make sure the conference remain affordable.

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