AR2019 Speakers

AR2019 Speakers List

Aysha Akhtar - Neurologist/public health specialist
Allison Argo
- ArgoFilms and THE LAST PIG
Rachel Atcheson - Deputy Strategist to the Brooklyn Borough President
Demetria Mede Atkinson - Redefine Your Mind Project
Anthony Bellotti - White Coat Waste Project
Chris Berry - Animal Legal Defense Fund
Aashish Bhimani - Plant Dining Partnerships
Jaya Bhumitra - animal rights activist
Aryenish Birdie - Encompass
Edita Birnkrant - New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets
Anna Boarini - VINE Sanctuary
Darina Bockman - Vegan Leaders
Hope Bohanec -United Poultry Concerns
Roberto Bonelli - The Animals Battalion
Lenore Braford - Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge
Johnny Braz - Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
Karen Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
Michael Budkie - Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
Genesis Butler - Genesis for Animals
Theodora Capaldo - American Fund for Alternatives to Animal Research
Jill Carnegie - NUMU Vegan
Michelle Carrera - Chilis on Wheels
Juliana Castaneda Turner - Juliana's Animal Sanctuary
Laura Cascada - Animal Rights Activist
Alka Chandna - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Callie Coker - Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack
Saurabh Dalal - Animal Rights Activist
Alan Darer - Mercy For Animals
Karen Davis - United Poultry Concerns
Steve Dawson - Penelope's Place
Vanessa Dawson - Penelope's Place
Deborah DiMare - Vegan Interior Design
Nichole Dinato - Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack
Stacy Ellison - Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
Anna Eskamani - Florida House of Representatives
Alex Felsinger - Better Eating International
Mary Finelli - Fish Feel
Victor Flores - Vegan Outreach
Stephanie Frankle - The Humane League
Bruce Friedrich - The Good Food Institute
Shalin Gala - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Leah Garces - Mercy For Animals
Caryn Ginsberg - Faunalytics
Matthew Glover - Veganuary
Justin Goodman - White Coat Waste Project
Kelly Guerin - We Animals
Kathy Guillermo - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Sophia Hamblen- The Raven Corps
Susan Hargreaves - Animal Hero Kids
Mark Hawthorne - Animal Advocate & Author
Christopher Hendrickson - The Humane League
Nathan Herschler - New England Anti Vivisection Society
Krista Hiddema - Esther the Wonder Pig & Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary
Maha Hilal - Justice for Muslims Collective
Ally Hinton - Animal Rights National Conference
Cami Hoffman- The Raven Corps
pattrice jones - VINE Sanctuary
Melanie Joy - Beyond Carnism
Sebastian Joy - ProVeg International
Mara Keisling - National Center for Transgender Equality
Aph Ko - Author, Aphro-ism
Anita Krajnc - The Save Movement
Cailen LaBarge - Animal Equality
Indra Lahiri - Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
Cheryl Leahy - Compassion Over Killing
Joshua Levine - RBC Wealth Management
Lindsay Lewis - Artist
Jasmine C. Leyva - Film maker, The Invisible Vegan
Matthew Liebman - Animal Legal Defense Fund
Eric Lindstrom - Compassion Over Killing
Grant Lingel - Sentient Media
Mia MacDonald - Brighter Green
Damien Mander - International Anti-Poaching Foundation
Clare Mann - Vegan Psychologist
Nora Constance Marino - Animal Cruelty Exposure Fund
Jo-Anne McArthur - We Animals Media
Rachel McCrystal - Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Danni McGhee - Plant-based nutrition coach
Shirley McGreal - International Primate Protection League
Dan McKernan - Barn Sanctuary
Erica Meier - Compassion Over Killing
Ginny Messina - Vegan Dietitian
Amy Meyer - New England Anti Vivisection Society
Kimberly Moore - Fur Free Society, Inc.
Victoria Moran - Main Street Vegan
Brenda Morris - Humane Investing, LLC.
Liberty Mulkani - Animal Legal Defense Fund
Tracy Murphy - Asha's Sanctuary
Kelly Myers - The Humane League
Unny Nambudiripad - development consultant
William Neal - director, Long Gone Wild
Hanh Nguyen - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Ndem Nkem - Animal Rights Activist
Jack Norris - Vegan Outreach
John Oberg - Social Media Consultant
lauren Ornelas - Food Empowerment Project
Melissa Patterson - The Raven Corps
Taylor Radig - Vegan Outreach
Sailesh Rao - Climate Healers
Natalie Reeves - Big Apple Bunnies
Anteneh Roba - International Fund for Africa
Clifton Roberts - The Humane Party
Faith Robinson - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Kimberly Roemer - Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary
Michelle Rojas - Encompass
Audrey Roofeh - Mariana Strategies
Marla Rose - Vegan Street
Naomi Rose - The Whale Sanctuary Project
Steven Rouk - Mercy For Animals
Michael Ryan - New England Anti-Vivisection Society
Nathaniel Salpeter - Sweet Farm Foundation
Audrey Sanchez - Balanced, Inc.
Brenda Sanders - Afro-Vegan Society
Shaleen Shah - Luvin Arms
Vanessa Shakib - Advancing Law For Animals
Wren Steel - Grassroots Activist
Cristina Stella - Animal Legal Defense Fund
Kathy Stevens - Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Pei Su - ACTAsia
Anna Tagliabue - Pelush
Sean Thomas - Animal Equality
Sarah Thornton - Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
Seth Tibbott - Tofurky
Gerardo Tristan - FaunAcción
Barbara Troyer - Animal Place’s Food for Thought Campaign
Daniel Tuber - director, Cows Come Home
Sue Udry - Defending Rights & Dissent
Katie Vann - Mercy For Animals
KR Vargas - La Raza For Liberation
Jane Velez-Mitchell - JaneUnChained News Network
Toni Vernelli - Animal Equality
Daniel Waltz - Animal Legal Defense Fund
Chloe Waterman - Friends of the Earth
Wendy Watts - The Humane League
Michael Webermann - ProVeg International
Patricia Welty - A Vegan Life
Mike Wolf - Compassion Over Killing
Rebecca Woodruff - Best Friends Animal Society
Naijha Wright-Brown - Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland

Katie Cantrell - The Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Jessica Carlson - Compassion Over Killing
Anne Dinshah - American Vegan Society
Sammy Fries - Education Week
Erika Galera - Food Empowerment Project
Joanna Grossman - Animal Welfare Institute
Dawn Moncrief - A Well-Fed World
Thyra Rutter - Arte For Elephants
Andrea Shaye - New England VegFest
Veda Stram -
Shawna Weaver - The Humane League
Ashley Zebro - The Humane League