What is Animal Rights?

What is Animal Rights?

The Animal Rights National Conference is dedicated to the vision that animals have the right to be free from all forms of human exploitation.

Animal rights can be viewed in two ways. The first is animal rights as a social movement to protect animals—even intervene and liberate them—from exploitation and abuse. The second is the idea that nonhuman animals, like human animals, have the right to be treated with respect as individuals with inherent value. Every animal is someone, not something, and they have the right to live free from humans inflicting pain and suffering on them. To deny this is to be engaging in speciesism, which is the idea that humans have been imbued with a set of exceptional attributes (such as speech, self-awareness, cognitive abilities, and a soul) that are unique to our species and thus give us moral priority over others. The animal rights philosophy does not place nonhuman animals above humans, but gives them equal consideration. This equal consideration means we should grant nonhuman animals the right to not be treated as objects—the same right we grant humans, at least in principle.

- A Vegan Ethic by Mark Hawthorne

Key Conference Missions:

In addition to the stated vision of animal rights above, key conference missions include:

• Exposing animal abuses for food, research, amusement, fashion, and more
• Training attendees in personal growth and organizing
• Offering opportunities to network and connect with other activists
• Providing a forum to potential movement leaders

What is a Vegan Lifestyle?

The vegan lifestyle is one that takes animals into consideration within all aspects of life choices relating to food, clothing, products, and more. Those of us following a vegan lifestyle seek to minimize harm to animals as much as possible by not eating or using animal flesh or parts including eggs, dairy, honey, leather, fur, wool, silk, as well as any items tested on animals such as soaps, cosmetics, and cleaning products. Additionally, the vegan lifestyle does not condone any form of entertainment involving the killing or exploitation of animals such as hunting, fishing, circuses or shows with animal acts, and zoos.
All food and merchandise present at the conference are free of animal products and have not been tested on animals.